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Last week, the cast of Parks and Recreation attended PaleyFest! I’ve included a video of Adam on the red carpet, where he briefly talks about what fans can expect from the season finale, as well as 34 high quality images from the red carpet and the event!

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UTSanDiego.com — Like many people in the United States, Adam Scott is an adult child of divorce. He doesn’t really like to talk about it. Or maybe he doesn’t like to talk about it with reporters he’s never met.

All he’ll say is this: “My upbringing was healthy and terrific. The whole divorce was amicable and peaceful. My siblings and I never saw animosity between our parents.” In stark contrast, the character Scott plays in the new film “A.C.O.D.” talks about divorce all the time.

The comedy (the title stands for Adult Child of Divorce) explores what happens to kids who suffer one of those really horrible, public, bitter divorces. “I thought the subject was a little untapped,” Scott said in a recent telephone interview. “That’s what attracted me to it.”

According to the movie, when these children of divorce grow up, some get married over and over again. Others, like Scott’s character, Carter, become uptight control freaks.

And as it happens, Scott has made quite a name for himself portraying uptight control freaks. As Ben Wyatt on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” Scott plays an accountant who loves nothing more than balancing budgets. On the canceled TV series “Party Down,” he was a perpetually annoyed former actor. And in the movie “Step Brothers,” Scott epitomized the Type A personality as Will Ferrell’s annoying biological brother.

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USAToday.com — “Steve Martin, David Letterman and Albert Brooks are my comic inspirations,” Adam Scott, 40, says. “With Steve and David, I really liked their WASPy matter-of-factness. With Albert, I related to the neuroses of his characters. I’d love to see the Albert version of A.C.O.D.

Scott is referring to Adult Children of Divorce, in theaters now. His character slowly unravels trying to reunite his parents.

Scott, who also just started his 4th year season stars on NBC’s Parks and Recreationas budget consultant Ben Wyatt, has become an inspiration, too. Adolescents “loveParks and Rec,” he says, “but teenage boys really love Step Brothers. When I was that age, if I’d been able to meet the guys from Ghostbusters, I’d have lost my mind.”

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The cast of NBC’s Parks and Recreation celebrate their 100th episode with Waffles and Whipped Cream!

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OnTheRedCarpet.com — At the cast’s 100th episode party on Oct. 16, OTRC.com spoke to Poehler and her cast mates. The actress said the show’s milestone is not a wrap party, but a half-way point.

“They’re going to have to pry this show out of my cold, dead hands,” Poehler said to OTRC.com. “I’m not going anywhere, but I know that we have loved working here and want to continue if we can, how we can, and NBC has been very kind to keep us on the air in many cases and I’d like to think that we’ve showed them and have been showing them the kind of show that we are proud of doing. I think they’re proud of it too.”

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TheDailyBeast.com — The ‘Parks and Rec’ star plays an Adult Child of Divorce, an indie comedy that’s hitting theaters. He chats with Kevin Fallon about marriage, family, and his own geeky charm.

Never heard of an A.C.O.D.? Well, “they’re everywhere,” says Adam Scott.

The Parks and Recreation lead stars in the new indie comedy A.C.O.D., an acronym that describes what is an ever-increasing population of people in the United States: Adult Children of Divorce. The idea behind the “disorder” and, by extension, the film, is that countless pages have been written about the effects of divorce on children. But as Generation Xers, “the divorce generation,” transition into adulthood, a whole population of possibly, maybe, definitely, most likely screwed up people are finding their lots in life woefully under-examined.

“The whole idea is something that hadn’t really been trampled upon culturally, especially in a comedy—a divorce comedy,” Scott says. Yes, though A.C.O.D. digs into the very painful echoes a tumultuous divorce can have on a kid decades later, it is a comedy—a tone that becomes all the more obvious when the film’s supporting cast is listed. Catherine O’Hara and Richard Jenkins play the ceaselessly battling divorced parents of Scott’s character, Carter, a seemingly well-adjusted restaurant owner with a steady girlfriend of his own (Elizabeth Winstead). (On his 9th birthday, little Carter’s wish as he blows out his candles—and his parents hurl expletives at each other in the background—is “stop the madness.”)

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71 HD screencaps of Adam Scot in “The Guilt Trip” have been added to our photo gallery. Enjoy!

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349 HD screencaps Adam Scott in “Monster-In-Law” have been added to our photo gallery. Check them out below by clicking on the thumbnail and redirecting to our gallery!

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